‘The Twilight Zone’ Takes Backseat in Paramount+

But according to sources, the episodes were not on its list during the investor’s presentations of rebranded Paramount+.

‘The Twilight Zone’, an individual episodic anthology that was rebooted in 2017 just finished its two seasons on the CBS streaming platform. But according to sources, the episodes were not on its list during the investor’s presentations of rebranded Paramount+. Hence, The Twilight Zone may not return to the CBS All Access next month and the producer may walk away from the series.

“We greatly enjoyed our time working on The Twilight Zone — particularly when the real world around us often felt more and more like another dimension,” reps for Peele and Kinberg’s companies said in a joint statement. “We cherished the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented writers, actors, and crewmembers. After 20 unique episodes, we have told the stories that we wanted to tell, and CBS All Access was gracious in their understanding of our decision. It was an honor and a privilege to bring audiences a modern reimagining of Rod Serling’s iconic creation.”

“Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg, and the entire production team truly reimagined The Twilight Zone for the modern age,” Paramount+ head of programming Julie McNamara said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “They upheld the classic series’ legacy of socially conscious storytelling and pushed today’s viewers to explore all new dimensions of thought-provoking and topical themes that we hope will resonate with audiences for years to come.”

‘The Twilight Zone’ Back with Its Season 2 in CBS

June 2020

The most anticipated series back before 60 yrs ‘The Twilight Zone’ is back in CBS All Access with season 2. With lots of twists and turns the show, weird music is quite nothing than the actual series which spoke about the odd times with which we are living today than the new version.

Director Rod Sterling has depicted a genre and given more importance to sci-fi yarns, with a few of the issues we deal with today. But it is not worth it like the 1959 series which showed World War II and the dismay that was imposed by Nazi Germany and it remains fresh to this day.

On the other hand ‘Cold War’ was in full swing and hence the concept of cruel government was told to Serling and his associates.

Nothing demonstrates this good than the two episodes: “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” in which the fear of alien intruders causes neighbors to suspect and turn on each other; and “The Shelter,” where one family’s bomb shelter sparks a crisis among those seeking protection and sanctuary amid the threat of a nuclear strike.”

These episodes and few people have voiced out in the past months about it. One of which CNN‘s John Blake shared in April saying: “Maple Street” stands as “a cautionary tale about how social order can quickly break down when an unseen threat causes fear to go viral.” Serling’s closing narration echoes this warning, noting that “for civilization to survive, the human race has to remain civilized.”

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