The Trio ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Bob’s Burgers’, All New Season- Treat to Fans

Disney Animated Trios’ New Seasons On The Way!!

The Trio ‘the Simpsons,’ ‘family Guy’ And ‘bob’s Burgers’, All New Season Treat To Fans

The three long-running Sunday animated shows of all time The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers are now owned by Disney after the deal of $72.3 billion a few years ago that included assets including studio 20th Television. Fox is strengthening its core animated comedies. 

New fresh seasons for the animated comic shows are to be renewed for the upcoming season. With the new episodes, all three shows will be on the TV screens through the 2024-25 broadcast cycle. It would be The Simpsons’ 36th, Family Guy’s 23rd, and Bob’s Burgers’ 15th season in a row. 

“With this trio of renewals, we celebrate excellence in animation on Fox, our wonderful, longtime partnership with 20th Television and the brilliant creators and incredible voices behind these forever favorites,” Fox scripted president Michael Thorn said, “Three-plus decades of The Simpsons, more than two decades of Family Guy and over a decade of Bob’s Burgers proves the enduring power of the animation genre on our network and the infinite fan affinity for these outrageously funny comedy classics.”

“Across 750 episodes of The Simpsons, 400 episodes of Family Guy and 250 episodes of Bob’s Burgers, we couldn’t be more proud to continue delivering these three animated hits with the most brilliant teams in animation. Our relationship with Fox over the past three decades has allowed this trio of shows to thrive, grow and deliver immeasurable moments of hilarious and irreverent entertainment for fans, and we are absolutely thrilled that Fox is doubling down on each of these iconic shows,” said Marci Proietto, executive VP of  20th Television Animation.

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