The Strange habits of Donald Trump!

You gotta take a minute and laugh at his goofs and follies.

Donald Trump is one of those rare kinds who can confidently be himself and still end up being the butt of jokes. You might have rallied in the streets yelling “Not my President“, but you gotta take a minute and laugh at this man’s goofs and follies.

Without further ado,

The following are some strange weird habits by our honorable President of the United States of America,

He won’t share his remote with you

It’s a well-established fact in the White House that Trump won’t share his remote with you. Being a germophobe, he feels that a remote is touched by so many people that it’s dirty and no one bothers to clean it up later. It’s either that or you’re forced to watch whatever he watches all the effing time— Fox News.

He has tweeted more than any other American President

Ever since Trump became the President, his personal tweets are more or less the official statement of the POTUS. His verbal diarrhea we all put up with has news agencies running around in circles in an effort to boost their ratings. Ever since becoming the President, he has tweeted about 9000 times (and still counting). Never before as any President tweeted in such staggering numbers. In fact, there is a standalone Wikipedia page dedicated to Trump’s social life with individual sections on ‘Covfefe’ to Russian influence investigations.

He loves Diet Coke more than he loves his wife, Melania

A New York Times report found out that Trump guzzles down about 12 Diet Cokes every day. Though we fall for their ‘Zero-Calorie’ marketing gimmick, that’s a lot of sugar given his age and obesity problems.

He treats his hair like a valued possession

Trump is seriously obsessed over his blonde luscious sheath of hair. Even if he fails to make it to the spotlight, his hair always does. We knew his love for his hair when in a 2016 Presidential rally, he bemoaned how hairsprays were getting worse with every passing day. “Hairspray’s not like it used to be, it used to be real good. Today you put the hairspray on and it’s good for 12 minutes,” he lamented. Not to forget this one time when he cut his cashmere sweater moments preceding a Vanity Fair Photoshoot so that it doesn’t mess up his hairdo.

He only uses premium quality tissue rolls in his bathroom

New York Times reported that Trump “has an odd affinity for showing off bathrooms, including one he renovated near the Oval Office.”  It makes me wonder why the New York Times is so obsessed with Trump at this level. The man loves toilets and loves to cast them in gold even more. There are also rumors that Trump is very picky about his Tissue rolls and uses only the finest quality, the ones that give his bum-bum, the comfort of sponge and the breathability of cotton (okay we made the last part up).

He walks naked inside the walls of the White House

This one might not be entirely true, but also you can’t prove me wrong. You can’t completely deny the fact that the man at some point decided to take his clothes off (multiple times) and either decided to go for a stroll or dance to ‘Take on me’. There’s no way you can get the picture out of your mind and once you imagine it you can’t unsee it in your head. So deal with that. Naked Trump gorging on fast food and posting another one of his wretched tweets waiting for the Internet go nuts (no ‘nuts’ pun intended).

Mc Donald’s burgers mean the world to him

Most people love fast food even if it’s unhealthy because it’s delicious. But as it goes with Trump, he loves it because he thinks that processed food is more hygienic. He obviously denies the unhealthy part and lives in the false bubble justifying that his food is clean and would in no way harm his health. He digs into McDonald’s cheeseburgers anytime he can. He loves McD’s burgers so much that he once served a dining table filled with McDonald’s hamburgers to a football team visiting the White House.

He wants sharks to go extinct

Stormy Daniels revealed in an interview in 2011 that the President was way too wary of sharks, to an extent that he wanted the shark species to be wiped off the Earth.

in 2006, Trump had invited her to his hotel room while at a golf tournament in Nevada. She recounted how she found the future president wearing pajama pants and watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. She recalled, “He is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks,” she said. “He was like, ‘I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.’ He was like riveted. He was like obsessed. It’s so strange, I know.”

He uses forks and spoon to eat Pizzas

Remember the time he was sitting next to Sarah Palin and eating pizza with forks and knives? On being trolled by various news show hosts, Donald explained that he feels more ‘comfortable’ using forks and spoons. Also, he added, “Plus, this way you can take the top of the pizza off so you’re not just eating the crust. I like to not eat the crust so we can keep the weight down at least as good as possible”. It makes us wonder if he was ever from New York.

He likes to fake his health reports

Let’s be clear on one thing everyone. Donald Trump is the unhealthiest President of the US so far as per this Independent report. However, he likes to go to great lengths to make sure that hides that fact. So much that he dictated his own doctor in 2015 that he was in “astonishingly excellent” health. In February 2019, it was reported that his lifestyle was unhealthy. He takes great pride in letting people know that he doesn’t exercise, regularly eats fast food and at 243 pounds, he’s on the verge of obese.

He loves eating cheeseburgers on bed

Given his obsession with fast food, Trump just like anyone of us likes to have food on the bed. Author of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff said the POTUS liked to spend his evenings watching TV while eating cheeseburgers in bed.

He holds a glass of water with two hands

The whole Internet went nuts last December when the President used both of his hands to drink from a glass of water while delivering a speech on national security strategy on live Television. Imagine a President making bold statements regarding national security only to pause and sip water like a toddler. Thanks to our President, America is now a laughing stock.

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