The Return of Washington Monument!

The people of the city are excited to visit the place again.

One of the tallest monuments is Washington Monument which was closed in the year 2016 for a renovation and is now back open. The people of the city are excited to visit the place again. 

It’s a 555 foot stone obelisk that needed a new lift and improved security systems. The first lady Melania Trump is likely to do to the honors on Thursday. The official spokesperson of National Park ServiceMike Litterst stated that: “We’re just excited to open it again,” and the sight from the top is amazing.

He further added saying, that the place remained shut for 8 years as it faced an earthquake in 2011 August which made cracks in the stones close to the obelisk. Though it opened back in 2014, it was forced to shut down and now it’s getting reopened. 

It will be opened for the public twice or thrice a week. The monument was built in 1848 and was finished only after 40 years. The construction was taken over a private firm that had fewer funds and couldn’t continue building it. So the building stood incomplete with 150 feet in 1854 and it kept delaying because of the civil war.

The building was continued from 1879 but it was built with different stones than the original which gave the obelisk a double color.  Once it was built it was considered as the world’s tallest monument but it was outstood by Eiffel Tower in 1889.

After the revamp and opening it is expected to witness 500,000 people a year.

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