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Disney+ will Premiere The Falcon & The Winter Soldier this March 19!

The movie will hit the TV screens on March 19th, 2021, and will have six episodes

Marvel Studios’ The Falcon & The Winter Soldier movie is officially confirmed on its premiering on Disney+ streaming platform. The movie will hit the TV screens on March 19th, 2021, and will have six episodes in total.

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige told the media about the reason why the much-awaited series has only six episodes.

He said “Anthony Mackie and Sebastien Stan are spectacular actors which we felt we had to explore their stories and their backstories, or personal stories, enough as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. So it was always the thought we’d like to learn more about both of them. In the little interactions, they had with each other in Winter Soldier and Civil War … as friends of a mutual best friend in Captain America. We thought we’d have a fun dynamic, if we ever had that opportunity, we’d watch a whole show with the two of them and Disney+ gives us that opportunity.

“Six hours is what we landed on as the best way to tell our story,” he added. “Six hours, whether it’s six episodes or nine shorter episodes like WandaVision. The shows aren’t inexpensive, so the per-episode cost is very high, and to get that bar I was talking about,” added the Marvel boss.

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier by Marvel and Disney+ Starts Production

November 2019

Marvel announced its first live-action production series of The Falcon and the Winter soldier on the Disney+ streaming service.


Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan who star as Falcon and Bucky Barnes respectively posted an Instagram status announcing the news. It’s been just over a week since production started.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan

Mackie also announced the news on Twitter posting a snapshot of the set captioning ‘And so it begins!’

It’s interesting to see how Disney+ is going to fare producing a live-action series. They’ve been successful in movies, with Avengers: Endgame smashing records. In an attempt to give stiff competition to other streaming sites like Netflix, this decision might as well be a killer move.

The Falcon and the Winter soldier will premiere on Disney+ in 2021 summer.

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