The Controversial Hit of Jimmy Buffett – Peanut Butter!

Jimmy Buffett the sensation of 1977 pop took the modern music to another level.

Jimmy Buffett the sensation of 1977 pop has taken modern music to another level.The king of modern pop was the first to bring in the “Top 10 hit” culture with his songs.

After his song “Margaritaville” was out it turned to be an anthem amidst fans. This began to enhance his fan base across the globe. Some of his diehard fans named “Parrotheads,” have made his shows a complete entertainer.

Hailing from Nashville Jimmy first tried Country and Folk and released 2 albums that were not received well. But in the year 1970, when he shifted to “Key West, Florida he was inspired by the beaches, tropical beverages, floral shirts which made him implement these in his songs which turned out to be a huge franchise.”

 These songs came out after his “2nd ABC/Universal Album, Living and Dying in 1974.” At this time he had built his “Coral Reefer Band and had been the happy drunk musical personality.” The albums were made at the “Sausalito, California in Record Plant of KSAN-FM.”

Jimmy used his experience and talent he showed his fans his witty side, fusing it with music and life. Since then Jimmy has come a long way for almost 30 years and he had come across all the ups and downs throughout his career.

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