The Blackmarket, as brought to you by Facebook

Now Facebook can help you find your old high school buddies, stalk your exes and–

Connect with criminals.

Yes, you read that right. Facebook has been buzzing with pages that promote criminal activities. From compromising credit card information to email hacking, Facebook is your new home for illegal services.

Researchers at Cisco Talos uncovered 74 Facebook groups with over 385,000 that have been openly selling black-market cyberfraud services for about a span of 8 years now. You can find the report here.

Prior to pulling down the fraud services pages on Facebook, you could access tailored illicit services just by typing in some common search terms, all under plain sight.

Members of the groups offer a wide range of services described as “shady (at best) and illegal (at worst) activities,” according to the research.


Cyber-criminals and users looking to engage in illicit exchanges were able to navigate Facebook with relative ease, as they reportedly only needed a Facebook account to conduct category searches.

According to Jon Munshaw and Jaeson Schultz, the authors of the report, “Once one or more of these groups has been joined, Facebook’s own algorithms will often suggest similar groups, making new criminal hangouts even easier to find. Facebook seems to rely on users to report these groups for illegal and illicit activities to curb any abuse.”

So wanna get a stolen credit card number? Steal someone’s identity?

Head over to Facebook.

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