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First Ever Color Photograph of ‘The Beatles’ Revealed!

The recently surfaced photo shows the iconic band in 1958 when they were known as ‘Quarrymen’

First Ever Color Photograph of ‘The Beatles’ Revealed

The Beatles singer Paul McCartney’s brother Mike McCartney had unearthed a series of photographs when he was going through the boxes of films, negatives, and prints in his archive. 

Obtained by Telegraph magazine, these photos are now released. 

Clicked at Mike and Paul McCartney’s aunt, Jin’s house on March 8, 1958, the photo shows the band, then known as Quarrymen, in practice. George Harrison had just turned 15, and Ringo Starr was yet to join as the drummer when this picture was taken.

“It’s brilliant to see Paul, John and George together in colour for the first time.”, said Mike who has had a successful career as a photographer and performance artist.

Detailing the picture, Mike said, “This may have been George’s first performance with the group. John, without his glasses, couldn’t see a thing – but we could clearly see from his red cheeks that he was bevvied. The lad with half a Guinness is Dennis Littler, one of cousin Ian’s friends.”

Mike added: “In those days, colour film was very expensive, so it would have been a special present from dad to get colour film for me. We used to get him a £1 Habana de Cuba cigar every year for Christmas and he would have got this as my gift.”

Movies that Featured ‘The Beatle’ Stars Individually!

The band members have appeared in some movies individually as well…

Movies That Featured ‘the Beatle’ Stars Individually!

It is a globally known fact that ‘The Beatles’ is a successful music band of the classic era and the band crew does appear in some successful movies too. What we don’t know that the band members have appeared in some movies individually as well. Here’s the list of those movies,

How I Won The War (1967) – John Lennon

John Lennon earned his signature look in this film. The fans found his look as bespectacled revolutionary, even though it was merely a role he was playing; starring in a satirical film seemed like it was right up Lennon’s alley.

The Magic Christian (1969) – Ringo Starr

The movie is a satire, loosely based on the 1959 comic novel which was also named ‘The Magic Christian’ and written by the American, Terry Southern.

That’ll Be The Day (1973) – Ringo Starr

The movie was released in 1973, the Claude Whatham film, That’ll Be The Day, tells the story of the young Jim MacLaine, played by David Essex

The Rutles (1978) – George Harrison

The Rutles is an eerily accurate parody of the Fab Four – to the point where Eric Idle and his satirical band even wrote their own compositions based on specific Beatles songs: ‘Cheese and Onions’, ‘I Must Be In Love’, ‘Hold My Hand’, and ‘Get Up And Go’, just to name a few.

Life of Brian (1979) – George Harrison

George Harrison was given a small cameo role in the film and plays Mr. Papdopolous, the owner of ‘The Mount’, who shakes Brian’s hand.

Caveman (1981) – Ringo Starr

The film is cheesy, to say the least, and follows Starr’s character, Atouk, who, alongside a band of misfits, go on a series of adventures.

Eat The Rich (1986) – Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney plays a wealthy banquet guest who gets knocked out at the table and carted away to the kitchen just to be served as a fine dish to unassuming guests.

Forrest Gump (1994) – John Lennon

The American classic, Forrest Gump, written by Eric Roth and directed by Robert Zemeckis, pulled on the heartstrings of millions, with the sweet but dull Forrest Gump played by the inimitable Tom Hanks.

“Strawberry Field” Sanctuary to Function as Tourist Attraction!

Sep 15, 2019

The strawberry fields of a salvation army which inspired the rock band Beatles are turning into a tourist place from September 14th.  The Liverpool garden was once a favorite place for the singer, songwriter John Lennon.

Till today the fans of the band would see the garden with anticipation as it was not permitted for the Public.  But after the news broke people are excited to visit the place as it is opening for the first time.

As per sources, the place will be “to an interactive visitor exhibition, community café, shop, calm garden spaces for spiritual reflection and – at its heart – a Steps to Work program for young adults with learning disabilities and other barriers to employment.”

Earlier “The Victorian House” was shattered in 1973 and it was reconstructed which was closed in 2005. Lennon as a child had a close connection to this and that is why these Strawberry Field Gates will be opened stated, “Salvation Army Territorial Commander Commissioner Anthony Cotterill. “

Adding to this Lennon’s sister, Ms. Julia Baird expressed her happiness in the official press release saying, “I’ve been really impressed by The Salvation Army’s vision and now there is huge potential to make a real change in the lives of young people who will grow in the precious soil of Strawberry Field.” 

Besides, Baird told that the musician as a kid would climb over the wall to get his favorite spot and “as children we all have somewhere that’s a bit ours, a bit special. “

As per reports, 60,000 people had visited the place once a year outside the Red Gates. 

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