Lion Air’s crash – A Tragic Story!

The Captain placed a request to return just a few minutes before the ill-fated crash

While search groups have been deployed in full swing to look in for the black box that’s buried under the Java Sea, recent reports claim that signals from the cockpit’s voice recorder have been completely lost. Following the disastrous incident that took place on the 29th of October, investigators have been trying their best to figure out what went wrong in Boeing’s 737 Max 8 air carrier that crashed into the sea after its departure to Pangkalpinang, a tourist spot, just at an hour’s distance from Bali.

The only information that the Airlines could collect was that the Captain placed a request to return just a few minutes before the ill-fated crash. Being one of the best-selling planes of Boeing’s 737 families, it is quite strange and tough to understand the actual reason behind the technical mishap.

In spite of the complaints that were received during the flight’s previous journey, regarding inoperative sensors, the carrier was set to fly the next day after an overnight check and clearance. Only if the technicalities and inspection had been more intense, the lives of 189 could have been saved. The transport ministry has ordered the immediate suspension of the quality control officers who neglected the warning signs. Additional reports also reveal that the fuel tank had a leak and was found exploded which might have also led to the accident.

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