The “$22 billion” feud continues between Lion Air & Boeing!

The fatal crash of Lion Air’s carrier into the Java Sea on Oct 29 is one of the most depressing and tragic aviation accidents of the century. While families of the victims have filed a lawsuit against Boeing, the manufacturer of the doomed 737 MAX, the situation has only become tenser for the Chicago based company in the past few days. 

Rusdi Kirana, Lion Air’s founder, is not really happy with Boeing’s response to the mishap and is all set to cancel its super-large order of 250 of similar airplanes from the 737 single-aisle families. The situation arose when the American Multinational Corporation blamed its customer for the repair of the faulty sensor failure.

The $22 billion agreement might come to a close as Kirana is in the process of canceling aviation’s largest single-time order placed by any airline. As much as the penalties that Lion Air may face are sky high, there is no way Kirana would continue his relationship with a manufacturer who betrayed its customer during difficult times.


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