Teen Dramas – Controvercial & Debatable Plots

One Tree Hill – When Peyton and Pete Dated

It was completely absurd when they both dated and adding to this it was quite weird for an older man to date a high school girl.

Omar Cheats Ander –Elite

While they were going stronger as a pair, Omar had an illegal affair with his sister’s lover which ruined everything.

Riverdale Season 3- A Disaster:

When everyone loved the first 2 seasons of Riverdale the next season saw a new storyline that ended up complicated and absurd. As they try to implement the Farm story it messed up the whole story.

Gossip Girl – Chuck Makes a Deal with Blair for a Hotel

The entire plot was all about Chuck who was quite disappointing and he was quite poisonous.

90210 – Annie Kills a Man as She Drunk and Drives

Rather than surrendering herself, she kept mum for a year and then gets into a relationship with Jasper the nephew of the guy whom she killed. The whole series was pretty disgusting to see. To add more fuel she gets house arrested for a few months. On the whole, the worst teen story that has been on television.

Pretty Little Liars (Ezra and Aria End Up as a Couple)

A romantic relationship develops between a teacher and a student and the guy keeps following her, manipulates, and fabricates lies to do research on his useless book. Adding to this it is seen that he had dated all teenage girls before her. He becomes a predator and dominates her continuously and the relationship becomes a ‘toxic mess’.

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