Strange Fast Radio burst Signals Detected from Space

Fast Radio Burst (FRB) is a group of intergalactic light that sends a signal to Earth. Astronomers recently detected 13 new FRBs. News Report briefs that signals were repeatedly received from a particular location on the Milky Way, for the past few months. The team of (CHIME) astrophysicists has briefed that these millisecond flashes found in the part of the sky are tracked. Since the frequency is less than 800 MHz, they were not able to locate the exact identity.

Do Aliens Exist?

It’s still a mystery, whether the extraterrestrial Intelligence exists or not! The guess for the recent signs might be because of the collision between very dense objects or else it’s an indication from the celestial livings.
In the end, it is Science that is believed through proof, not on assumptions!

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