Coffee Vending Machine
Coffee Vending Machine

South Korea bans selling caffeinated drinks in schools!

The country is all set to impose a complete ban on coffee related products in all schools

Right after U.K’s decision to ban energy drinks comes one other nation that has taken a major leap towards a healthier lifestyle for the children of today. South Korea is all set to impose a complete ban on coffee related products in all schools across the country. This initiative has been taken as part of the government’s idea to get rid of caffeinated drinks that are highly hazardous in terms of calories. All of the coffee dispensers and kiosks are to be removed by the school authorities by the 14th of September; this means that both students and teachers will be restricted from caffeinated drinks in any form within school premises.

“The revision aims to create healthy eating habits among children and teenagers. We will make sure coffee is banned at schools without fail”, tells the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on the matter. It is a legit fact that lots of Korean school kids and teens are prone to several health issues including vomiting, nausea, and even cardiovascular diseases due to caffeine overdose. In fact, the consumption of caffeine among young buds has increased beyond comparison with other Asian countries. Hope this vision will do a lot of good to South Korea’s reduction in coffee consumption.

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