Shootout at the Chicago Hospital: Here’s what really happened!

America and its gun culture have always been under the limelight for all obvious reasons; the recent shooting at the Mercy Hospital in Chicago simply adds fuel to the fire. The incident took place at one of the busiest medical centers in the city killing three.

Who was the gunman?

Apparently, the unnamed gunman had been in a relationship with Doctor Tamara O’ Neal who worked as an emergency physician at the Hospital where she was shot to death. This act of terror happened minutes after the gunman indulged in a fiery argument with her. Unconfirmed reports reveal that the gunman had been Tamara’s ex-fiancee and that they were not in really good terms.

Who are the other victims?

It was not just the doctor who fell victim to the series of gunshots but also Dayna Less, the hospital’s pharmacist, and a police official, Samuel Jimenez, who were shot unmercifully by the gunman who is now dead as well. Dayna was a fresh graduate and had been working with the hospital since July while Samuel,28, is a father of three young kids.

American gun violence has been on a scary rise and looks like a major concern that needs immediate attention.

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