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Shoot out at Torrance, California

A shocking shootout incident in a bowling alley, “Gable House Bowl“ at Torrance, Southern California, broke up at the late night on Jan 4, which left 3 men dead and 4 people injured. 

Police have warned others in the area to stay away from the location until things cool down.  The Torrance police department has tweeted at 12:13 a.m,“ Reports of shots fired with multiple victims down,”, just after the incident which took place at  11:54 p.m. Upon their arrival to the spot, officers have seen multiple subjects with gunshot wounds at the location.  Immediately they began life-saving measures like CPR and defibrillator.  The investigation is still on into the shooting and the suspects involved.  Victims have been identified and their kins are notified.  A witness told CNN, “People were looking for their parents because this is a family league. You’ve got mothers, fathers, sons, daughters … everybody’s friends in that league,”. The incident has disturbed the locals in a huge manner as it’s the most popular place for nearby residents to chill out their evenings.

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