Shocking Secrets about Mia Khalifa!

We all believed that she must’ve made millions in the porn industry. But in reality, she just made $12000 in porn.

Her Brief Porn Career

It’s fact, that she’s one of the most searched adult filmstars on the internet even today. Her videos made it to popular video charts on every porn website. Can you believe that all of this is just an outcome of her brief 3 months career as a porn star? Yes. It’s true.

Mia Khalifa, one of the popular porn stars who briefly pursued a career in porn star. She claimed that it was a hasty decision where she got carried away by the hype given in the audition of a porn company that she accidentally crashed into for a modeling audition. Within just 3 months in the industry, she felt all those hypes are fake and resigned from the contract.

Porn Didn’t Promise her the Bread and Butter

We all believed that she must’ve made millions in the porn industry. But in reality, she just made $12000 in porn. In fact, she struggled very hard to pursue any other job after doing porn and ended up working as an office assistant.

She’s a Sports Enthusiast

Right from her childhood, Mia loved sports and interviewed many NBA stars in her career as a Sports Host. She’s still an active sports host and never seems to have lost her passion and enthusiasm for sports.

She’s a 9/11 Victim

Of course, not literally a 9/11 victim. She moved from her hometown in Lebanon to Washington DC in the year 2001. She joined the school just two weeks before the 9/11 tragedy. You can all assume the hatred she’d faced in the school, after all, she just moved from an Arabic country.

Death Threat from ISIS

It’s all started with one video where she wears a Hijab, worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty. It became very controversial and the news was trending worldwide. She’s banned to enter many Muslim countries and that’s when she received repeated death threats from terrorist organizations like ISIS.

She’s Hates Being a Porn Celebrity

Mia had undergone tremendous stress after her brief porn career. She revealed that all the initial feelings of being validated and popular because porn wore off sooner and she started feeling ashamed of being a porn celebrity. In fact, she tried hiding her identity by chopping her hair, changing her hair color as a blonde, and styling differently. After every attempt went in vain, she decided not to go out in public as much as possible. Poor Mia!

While becoming a celebrity is a dream for many, it’s too overwhelming to process that ‘How one is recognized?’ is more important than ‘How many recognize?’. Meanwhile, it is so disheartening to see that the urge to judge and invade the privacy of others is increasing among the people. It’s time the world should wish her good luck with her career as Sports Host and all her future aspirations.

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