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Shall we give a Nobel to Trump?

No. Please NO.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had written a ‘beautiful’ letter nominating Trump for Nobel Peace Prize.

News sources are speculating that Trump himself asked Abe to nominate him for the coveted prize for his so-called ‘efforts’ on his work to open up a dialogue with North Korea.

Less than a year ago, Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a historic meeting, with Trump claiming that he neutralized North Korea’s Global nuclear threat and has maintained a good relationship ever since. We believe that the thought behind this bizarre Nobel Prize backdrop would have gone something like this:

So why do you, Mr. President, deserve the award more than anyone?

“We were so close to starting a war with North Korea”

Yeah, but did they want to?

“No, but they were going to.”

Trump quoted “Obama got Nobel Prize for being in the White House for 15 seconds”. He believes that he deserves the Nobel more than Obama.

But the question is, Did Abe REALLY nominate him for the Nobel?

Apparently, yes. He did.

According to The Guardian, “The Japanese prime minister has declined to say if he had nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel peace prize, though he emphasized he did not deny doing so”. The Japanese Prime Minister stated in the parliament: “In light of the Nobel committee’s policy of not disclosing recommenders and nominees for 50 years, I decline to comment.”

The Japanese Prime Minister never hid his affection for Donald Trump over the past years, going over and beyond with his high praise for the US President. But has he taken it too far this time?

Trump reacted saying, “Thank you, I’ll never get it, but that’s OK

For the sake of humanity, we all pray that you don’t Mr. President.Sincerely, all Earthlings.

P.S. Even Steve Carell says No to Trump getting a Nobel.

Hey Steve, you wanna give a Nobel to Trump?







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