Officials checking for secret cameras
Officials checking for secret cameras


Seoul raises voice against spy cam pornography!

women claim that public toilets are no longer safer to use

The issue of spy cam porn has, in fact, become an epidemic of South Korea’s capital. With more than 6000 reported cases, women claim that public toilets are no longer safer to use. Hidden cameras are creating great panic and complaints are getting piled up about those videos getting uploaded on several websites. Seoul has been facing serious turmoil on this issue asking the government to take proper action against such crimes. The fact that most of the people who were arrested in these kinda incidents were often not jailed and were let free which in no way would stop such inappropriate filming. Not just public toilets but there were several occurrences in many of the changing rooms across the country as well. Now that the government officials are being more cautious to stop any instances of spy cam pornography from happening anytime in the future, Seoul has promised to have daily checks in public toilets for secret cameras.

South Korean Women Protest
South Korean Women Protest

It was just recently that the #Metoo campaign against sexual harassment went viral across the country and now the spy cam problems are adding fuel to the fire. In a developed country like South Korea, it is sad to see that women feel insecure and unsafe. With great advancements in technology and innovations, it is high time that the government does something more to protect privacy for all the citizens.

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