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Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart allegedly found in NYC together

Selena can’t keep her hands to herself during NYC dating night.

Selena Gomez And Drew Taggart Allegedly Found In Nyc Together

The singer Selena Gomez and the Chainsmokers’ singer, Drew Taggart, were reportedly found in New York City (NYC) together with many believing that the couple’s action indicates that they are dating.

The 30-year-old singer was dressed up in an all-black attire, which includes a turtle neck top, blazers, pants, and shoes. On the other hand, the 33-year-old Taggart wore jeans with butterfly sneakers and a hoodie under a jacket.

Both Taggart and Gomez looked more like a couple when they were captured at Torrisi Bar and Restaurant in Soho on Saturday. Some sources told that the stars were ‘making out’ like teenagers during their Sunday outing. They were allegedly being flirty as they hold their hands when Papparazi captured their pics.

Though the ‘Only murders in the building’ star updated her relationship status as ‘single’ in her recently deleted Instagram post with the caption, “I like being alone too much” and hashtag, “#iamsingle,” the duo’s behavior doesn’t indicate the same.

Neither Gomez nor Taggart responded to the comment. The singers were already spotted days before the outing at the Gutter in Brooklyn.

Selena was in an on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber for years. Drew Taggart and Apple co-founder’s 24-year-old daughter were dating last summer but their relationship status is not clear.

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