Scarlet Witch – The New MCU Villian?

A fan theory trending among Marvel fans suggests an interesting plot…

One of the underplayed characters on Marvel Avengers, Scarlet Witch is the making huge rounds across the Marvel fan community. This time, she’s portrayed as a badass villain instead of an Avenger hero. The fan theory suggests the following reasons for her to turn as a powerful villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,

  1. The Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) had so many bitter experiences and heartaches in her past.
  2. She’s been manipulated by the crooked power of Ultron
  3. She lost her dear brother Pietro.
  4. To the worst of all, she loses her love of life, Vision too.

The theory lists out many tragedies she’s faced in spite of having superheroic powers. She could unleash her villain avatar after the serious of trauma and loss. She may also try to revive Vision to the point where she becomes a ‘Doctor Frankenstein’ to alter reality.

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