Robert Pattinson to portray Batman and Twitter freaks!

Robert Pattinson now has a strong chance to move on from a heart-throbbing sex symbol to owning the dark bat cave.

From a bloodthirsty vampire to dark gloomy vigilante.

Ah, I can draw comparisons like this all day.

Analogies apart, Robert Pattinson will very soon secure the role of the Dark Knight to star in Mat Reeve’s Batman that will be produced by Warner Brothers. While the script is still in works, sources have confirmed that Pattinson’s agent is “95% sure” that the Twilight star will be cast for the role.

According to the source, Warner Bros. wants to get a fan reaction before finalizing Robert for the role. And from what we see people are surprisingly welcoming the decision to cast the Harry Potter star as the caped crusader.

Fans went berserk on Twitter and started pouring in comments. Some were skeptical but most were overjoyed. It’s not surprising to see Robert Pattinson to be #1 trending on Twitter.

What’s good to see was the fact that people took a stand to blast skeptics, urging them to see Pattinson’s versatile work in Hollywood in the past 5 years. Many feel that he is truly deserving.

Fans also didn’t forget that the Twilight star was a vampire and hence we have memes such as this–

And on a quick side note: He’s going to be the youngest actor to play Batman.

Judging from the responses, we think Robert Pattinson will make a fine young and dark Bruce Wayne. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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