Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Adjusting to Life as Parents of 2

Celebrity parenting update: Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s parenting is the talk of the town. Explore why.

Rihanna And Asap Rocky Adjusting To Life As Parents Of 2
Rihanna And Asap Rocky Adjusting To Life As Parents Of 2

We all know celebrity couple’s parenting is quite an unusual one. Speaking of parenting Rihanna and Rocky have been doing an amazing job in raising their two kids.

Whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been handling the situation so smoothly. 

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s parenting hit the headlines frequently after the announcement of her second baby at the Superbowl halftime show in February. Since the birth of Rza and Riot Rose, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are adjusting to life as parents of 2. But not without the support of their family. Both their families are very close and show their support in nurturing the babies. Besides being talented in music and all, this couple is skilled in handling their two kids in their busiest schedule. 

As per sources Rihanna loves children and always dreamt of having a big family. Well, it is a dream come true moment for Rihanna. For now Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, are adjusting as parents of two while cherishing the parenting joys and challenges. 

ASAP Rocky’s role as a father is quite adorable as he barely leaves their side. He also shared an update about his firstborn stating “[He’s] growing big. Beautiful, happy baby,” 

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna’s relationship brought beautiful memories to them. Word has it they are planning to get hitched soon as their family has extended.

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