Richard Madden to star in Marvel Eternals!

Richard Madden who is famous for playing Rob Stark in Game of Thrones and Sgt. David Budd in the Netflix series Bodyguard will star in Marvel’s cinematic adaptation of ‘Eternals’.

Richard Madden will star aside Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani to star as Ikaris, one of the vital characters in the Comic book. His super-powers include superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, cosmic energy manipulation, flight, teleportation and more.

The Eternals are a fictional species of humanity making its first appearance appearing in 1976 published by Marvel Comics. They are described as an offshoot of the evolutionary process that created sentient life on Earth and considered to be defenders of Earth, protecting Earth from their destructive counterparts, Deviants.

Earlier in March 2019, Marvel announced that it had cast Angelina Jolie in her first ever stint as a superhero.

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