Rebecca Cutter Director of ‘Hightown’ Makes a Funny Comment on Jackie’s Life and Upcoming Sequences!

The journey of Jackie Quiñones in ‘Hightown’ has sulked prior to which she kick-started her life by living her lifestyle

The journey of Jackie Quiñones in ‘Hightown’ has sulked prior to which she kick-started her life by living her lifestyle matching the P-town’s carnival but later she bumps into the corpse of Sherry Henry lying on the seashore and then meets with a car crash.

To escape prison she gets into rehab however will she take this temperament seriously? Well, that has to be waited and watched! On the other hand, it’s Junior who puts Sherry’s body on the beach and that remains a secret. And are there any other mysteries hiding with him? Well! Time has to say it.

Rebecca Cutter, she funnily made a statement on Jackie’s journey and the things that are yet to come in the latest episodes. She also said that Jackie’s “mistakes” are quite done and the answers for her questions on Sherry’s demise will end up to the most unexpected dangers that are waiting for her way.

Cutter also spoke about other characters like Renee and her arc and that ‘she should not be underestimated’. And as of Junior “his double life” will witness a “huge impact”.

When asked a few questions to Rebecca she answered as follows:

At the end of the first episode, Jackie is in rehab. How serious is she about this about getting sober?

Rebecca Cutter: I think obviously when she shows up, she’s not sober. She’s just looking for a get out of jail free card, but I think you start to see a little glimmer of her relating to the speaker in that very last scene of her listening to the woman sharing. I think her heart cracks open a smidge, and we’ll see what that looks like in the next episode.

When she’s talking earlier, she breaks down just a smidge when she’s saying she’s fine. There was a little bit of a crack in her armor there. Will we see more of that vulnerability as the season goes on?

Rebecca Cutter: She’s a tough cookie, and she likes to present that way. We definitely see more vulnerability throughout the season. I would say it’s not always so positive. I guess for her any vulnerability is a step in the right direction, but sometimes we see her react. It’s not always because she’s changing and growing. There’s certainly vulnerability when she makes mistakes, which we’ll see a lot of this season.

On the wall there at rehab in the final moments, we see the girl who was with Sherry at the beginning of the episode. Will Krista and Jackie’s lives cross at some point? Is that something you’re alluding to?

Rebecca Cutter: Yes, there are certainly parallel paths between them, and Jackie goes on a journey in that direction.

Will we get to see more of Krista? She holds a lot of key information.

Rebecca Cutter: Yes, we definitely are with her on her journey. She’s a terrific actress — Crystal Lake Evans. I love her. It’s not in terms of screen time huge, but she holds so much emotional rooting interest, and it really holds your attention.

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