Reason why Marvel Cinematic Universe is better than the actual Universe

Even though there were multiple award-winning sitcoms dedicated to the Universe that ran successfully for more than a decade (hint: Bazinga!) at the end of the day it just talked about stupidities that were happening on one tiny spec in the cosmos called the Earth and there was nothing else.

However, if you look at MCU (yeah, that’s the term), it was never just about humans and in fact, the superhumans from this world were the new normal.

  • The MCU was filled with superpower being dealing with life situations while night vigilantism (involving more of spiders and bats) was the celebrated order of the day.
  • While the Earth-beings were bending science and defying logic for a man known for wearing underwear over skintight pants, the established superheroes were cast in a world that appeared normal to others in their world.
  • Fantasy and science fiction genres against alternative reality worldbuilding inline with inline to the rules of the MC Universe

If the Earth folks can come to terms with the Universe then the Universe is indeed heading towards a better world altogether.

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