Real life ‘Dumbo’ dies after being forced to perform in front of tourists

A three-year-old baby elephant died from malnourishment and exhaustion in Phuket zoo. He was forced to carry out tricks and dance by zoo officials to amuse tourists.

Animal rights activists who have named the baby elephant ‘Dumbo’ after filming the 3-year old baby elephant performing at the ruthless whim of the trainer.

Zoo vets pointed out to untreated infection in his digestive tract leading to constant diarrhea, deeming it as the cause of death. He became so malnourished that both of his back legs snapped under the weight of his own body. Sources say that he was subjected to regular injuries as zookeepers failed to give him any rest and a proper diet.

Phuket zoo officials are now blaming it on ill- health so that they don’t get into trouble for animal abuse. I mean, think about it— the zoo is an international tourist haven. So they wouldn’t mind going to any extent to cover up their mess and blame the death on Dumbo’s physical condition.

Yet another reason to lose faith in humanity.

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