Racist Attacks on a Black Student – 2 Arrested at Arizona University!

A sad day at Arizona amidst students as a black guy was assaulted by 2 whites in the university.

A sad day at Arizona amidst students as a black guy was assaulted by 2 whites in the university.Dozens of students poured their outcry on Friday at the campus against the attack. The opposition lasted only an hour as the administration confirmed that the two were arrested and was charged with a crime count of assault.

Prior to getting identified those two assaults were taken to the “social justice diversion training program” initially and were not charged for the attack as per the students.

The President of the University of Arizona Robert C. Robbins stated that: He was furious and saddened by the things happened. He also added saying: “We need to come together and let people know, without qualification, that intolerance and discrimination have no home here. Unless we have a safe environment, free from violence, discrimination and hate, students will not be free to learn and pursue their dreams.”

An official statement was released from the university police stating that the authorities were asked to assemble at Arbol de la Vida residence hall at 11:20 p.m. on Tuesday as they witnessed a tug of war.

The victim has given the statement to the cops that the two assaulters used the N-word and hit him in the head. The student has minor injuries in his “knuckles, right elbow and in one of the knee.” Once the police received the statement from the victim they confirmed that those two white men were students.

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