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Queen Elizabeth’s Cause of Death – ‘Old Age’at 96

‘The Majesty’s cause of death revealed – “Old Age”

Queen Elizabeth's Cause of Death - 'Old Age'at 96

Queen Elizabeth’s official death certificate claimed that the cause of death is “Old age” only. Several days after ‘The Majesty’s death,  National Records of Scotland published on Thursday. They recently made a public document that also included the Queen’s time of death, which was 3:10 p.m. on Sept. 8 at Balmoral Castle, the monarch’s Scottish retreat where she usually spent the last few months of the summer. 

The world’s internet was on fire when the monarch was dead. But on September 8, in the late afternoon, Buckingham Palace issued a statement just hours before she passed away, they added “Following further evaluation this morning, the Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision.” She was uncomfortable. 

The Queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne, said that she spent her mother’s final 24 hours with her. Princess Anne that it is, an “honor and a privilege to accompany her on her final journeys.”

After a massive state funeral that featured all the pomp, ceremony, and theatrics the monarchy, military, and state could organize for a global broadcast audience of millions, Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest next to Prince Philip, her husband.

Princess Charlotte’s First Brooch from Queen Elizabeth: The Sweet Story

Princess Charlotte’s First Brooch from Queen Elizabeth

Princess Charlotte's First Brooch From Queen Elizabeth: The Sweet Story

The young princess, age 7, wore her first brooch on Monday during her great-grandmother’s funeral. Charlotte appeared at Westminster Abbey wearing a black coat with a beautiful silver horseshoe pinned to the lapel. At the time, it was recognized that Charlotte’s brooch was a kind tribute to Elizabeth II, her great-grandmother, who adored horses. 

Sarah appeared to have inherited her late mother, Princess Margaret’s, collection of flowery diamond brooches. She is the niece of Queen Elizabeth,  wearing a pair of Princess Margaret’s late mother’s Snowdon Floral Brooches.

And on a sad day in 2002, Sarah touched and wore one of the garments to her mother’s funeral in Windsor. Therefore, Sarah’s decision to wear the brooches in Westminster one more today is a heartfelt tribute to her lone maternal aunt.

Queen Elizabeth was renowned for her extensive collection of brooches and frequently selected pieces of royal jewelry for their sentimental worth or as a show of goodwill while traveling abroad. 

The Soccer Star Joined His Citizens in Paying Tribute to the Late Monarch

The former soccer player waited over 12 hours to pay respect to the late Queen Elizabeth II

The Soccer Star Joined His Citizens In Paying Tribute To The Late Monarch

Together with the people of England, David Beckham, a former English professional football player, waited more than 12 hours to pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The 47-year-old soccer player claimed in an interview that it was proper for him to stand in line with other people to pay respect to the late monarch.

“I think we’re all here to celebrate Her Majesty, our queen, so I think it’s special to experience something like this together. It’s what I think she would have wanted, “said David in an interview.

He also claimed to have shared pastries, Pringles, and coffee with the folks he was standing in line with for the Last Rites for the Late Queen along the 5-mile line.

Even David Beckham admitted that he had considered joining the queue at 2 AM on Friday because he believed there would be a smaller throng, but was instead taken aback by the enormous number at that time.

“I thought by coming at 2 a.m. it was going to be a little bit quieter. I was wrong, “

The Royal Family could collapse after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

British monarch could collapse unless ‘dark skin’ comments are explained

The Royal Family Could Collapse After The Death Of Queen Elizabeth Ii

The Royal Family is facing a lot of controversies after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as the allegations made by Harry and Meghan Markle in an Oprah interview could demolish the monarchy itself, according to royal experts.

Meghan once in an interview with Oprah after she and Harry stepped down from the Royal family, told, “There were concerns and conversations about how dark Archie’s skin might be when I was pregnant.” 

But neither she nor Harry revealed who within the family raised concerns. As Meghan was not invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, supporters of Harry and Markle started raising questions about the morals of King Charles, Prince Williams, and the Queen Consort, Camilla. 

After so many controversies, the family remains quiet and didn’t want to speak about this issue. This silence could make things turn around unless they admit who in the family has spoken about “Archie’s skin color”, as this may become a big racist issue in London.

Amid all the chaos, King Charles III in his first address to the nation said, “I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to live their lives overseas.”

Elizabeth II was the Queen of the United Kingdom from 1952 to September 8, 2022. Her 70 years reign was the longest of any British monarch.

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