Proved: Smoking can shrink your penis

Apologies guys, It’s not a joke.

Of all the bad effects imaginable, from lung cancer to stroke, scientific studies now reveal that smoking can lead to harmful effects on the male reproductive part from erectile dysfunction to diminishing the size of your penis.

Urologist Marc Laniado can explain.

He said–”I see erectile dysfunction a great deal.

“To have a firm erection, you need sufficient blood flow. Smokers have a higher incidence of atherosclerosis in all blood vessels, including those in the penis, which can reduce blood flow.

He continued saying–”The chemicals in smoke may also have an effect on firmness; nicotine causes blood vessels to become narrow. This can be temporary or – eventually – permanent.”

If you happen to be a smoker and don’t have an erection in the morning, you have a good reason to worry.

Women need to worry too.

If you’re a woman who happens to be a regular smoker, you might not easily get aroused as normal women do. It’s the same explanation: reduced blood flow in your reproductive area.

So smokers, watch out.

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