Proof Confirms that Giant Asteroid is the reason for Dinosaur’s Extinction…

Ultimately, this happened before 180 million years ago…

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One of many unanswered mysteries of the world is the extinction of Dinosaurs. While there are strong shreds of evidence that prove the existence and dominance of these creatures, there were no proofs on how they’ve become extinct. In 1990, a theory was proposed that a giant asteroid must have hit earth 180 million years ago that may have led to the wipe-out of all plants and living beings.

This theory is now confirmed by scientists when they found a gigantic carter of an asteroid buried under the Yucatan Peninsula in the eastern part of Mexico and partly under the sea. And the place struct by this Asteroid is Chicxulub, which means ‘tail of the Devil’

The story is making rounds among the astronomers and historians to revisit many uncovered chapters of history. Thanks to a scientific survey of the crater’s rim by a team led by Sean Gulick, a marine geophysicist from the University of Texas, and reported last month in the U.S. journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we have a far deeper understanding of the timeline of events that occurred when the asteroid hit, as the Mail now reveals.

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