Princess Diana Worked with Cosmetic Chemist to Avoid ‘Helicopter Hair’

Princess Diana used the custom-made spray to avoid helicopter hair

Princess Diana Worked With Cosmetic Chemist To Avoid ‘helicopter Hair’
Princess Diana Worked With Cosmetic Chemist To Avoid ‘helicopter Hair’

Diana, Princess of Wales, was considered the most well-dressed woman in history. Her iconic blonde hairstyle is memorable among the people. Are you curious to know how Princess Diana managed her perfect look, especially her hairstyle? Let’s have a look at Princess Diana’s hairspray. 

How Princess Diana Kept Her Signature Hairstyle? 

What type of hair did Princess Diana have? She had light brownish-blonde hair that was thick and augmented with color. The Princess of Wales worried about her hairstyle being messed up by the wind. That’s the reason why she requested hairstylist Sam McKnight and beauty expert Sheree Ladove Funsch to suggest a unique hairspray that could make her hair look perfect without any defects. And, they specially made that hairspray for Princess Diana. 

Ladove Funsch said to the New York Post, “I am actually a cosmetic chemist by trade … I developed this reputation of creating products that would fix celebrities’ needs … I got this call … and Princess Diana had this need so I worked really closely with her and her hairdresser [Sam McKnight] at the time … She had that beautiful … pixie cut. When she would get off the helicopter, the blades would just spin and spin and … her beautiful coiffed, cute little cut would go crazy.”

Princess Diana’s hairstyling innovations started with Ladove Funsch. She also added, “She didn’t want anything that would make her hair look glued down because she was … so young and so beautiful. She didn’t want to look old and a helmet-head kind of look so I had to create a hairspray … The nickname was ‘helicopter hairspray’ so that was her personal hairspray.”

Diana also requested Ladove Funsch to make another kind of hairspray that can be used for her tiaras. It was difficult for her to make that formula using ingredients that did not affect her gemstones. All these helped in forming Princess Diana’s iconic hairstyle. However, the late royal never had plans to introduce her hairspray to the public.

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