Popular Internet Sensation and Blogger Ashley Stock’s Daughter Dies at 3!

The most famous social media personality and blog writer Ashley Stock losses her 3 yr old daughter due to an unusual kind of brain tumor.

The most famous social media personality and blog writer Ashley Stock losses her 3 yr old daughter due to an unusual kind of brain tumor.

She posted this heartbreaking news on Friday with a heartbroken message in her Insta stating that her daughter “took her final breath in our arms” on Wednesday at 1.05 p.m.

She continued: “For now, I’m overwhelmed with relief that she’s at peace but I’m also feeling crushed by a pain so intense I can’t put it into words.” “I let it out a bit at a time, like when you gently twist the lid off a liter soda bottle…releasing the built-up pressure a little at a time to keep it from exploding all over the place. I guess it’s like that. I’m twisting the lid on my grief gently. Because if I release it all at once, I don’t see how I could possibly survive.”

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Stevie update: she’s a tough tough cookie. She’s happy. She’s playing. She’s bossing her brothers around and asking for “surprise” all day long and then squeals with glee when we bring her one of the gifts y’all have been sending her way. Any time we say “i love you” her response is “i love you more”, and that has become our forever phrase that we’ll carry with us always. She has lost a lot of the strength in her arms and legs. She’s still a wiggle worm but doesn’t have the gross motor ability to play and support her body the way she’s used to. For a couple days she would do a sort of side crawl to get around the room but that has stopped, now she plays and rests on the couch for the day. She has tremors and mild seizures throughout the day and in her sleep followed by extreme agitation and disorientation. But she never ever complains. She still has a strong appetite which is great news. Her eye sight and swallowing ability remain intact and we count our blessings for every day she still has those faculties. Her sleep schedule has been erratic and she will often nap for over 5 hours and then be up in the middle of the night. We are exhausted and running on fumes but also grateful for any time we get to spend snuggling and breathing in our baby girl even when it’s at 3am. Update on Mom and Dad: we are a roller coaster of emotions, taking things one day at a time, trying not to let our grief get ahead of us (more on that later when i have the energy to compose my thoughts), counting our blessings and searching for the joy amidst this heartbreak every day. #stevielynnstock #dipg #starsforstevie

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“We have complete faith in there being a greater purpose of this tragedy (and it’s already unfolding through your stories of renewed hope), but unfortunately, faith is not a ‘get out of pain-free’ card, and that’s okay,” she continued. “I don’t know how to do this, so for now we’ll continue one day at a time held by the grace of God, the support of loved ones, and the prayers of strangers who have become friends.”

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How do you put worst case scenario into words? That’s what I’m sitting here trying to figure out, in between holding my baby and hyperventilating with my head between my knees. Today we learned the news that Stevie’s tumor is a form of cancer called DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). And it has a 0% survival rate. We are shattered. Broken. Gutted. Somehow my body continues to produce tears and ugly crying has become my only release. We will be spending the rest of the week in the hospital to discuss treatments that will make the rest of her life more comfortable. Then we will be headed home where she can be comfortable with her brothers and puppies and we can cherish our sweet girl and heal as a family. I won’t pretend to understand why we have to go through this or what Gods purpose is in this pain, but my faith in Him is the only constant i have right now and I’m holding to it with every ounce of strength i posses. He knows our pain and He carries it with us. I know many of you love her dearly and this is ripping you in half too, and your instinct will be to fight and to push and to advocate and to try to save her—i know because those are our instincts too. But the reality of her prognosis is real. We have literally consulted and met with dozens of the top pediatric neurologists, neurosurgeons and oncologists. We would go to the ends of the earth to save her if we could. For all those who have been praying for a miracle with us, keep praying, but please know that Stevie’s miracle, our miracle may not come in the way you’re praying. But God is good and it WILL come and one day we will all understand the purpose in this pain. But for now we surrender. We surrender to her prognosis and that which we can’t control. We give her the best of everything she needs to be happy and pain free and we teach ourselves and our children how to make these final memories happy ones, ones we can hold onto and cherish, memories that make us smile even if we’re smiling through tears. #dipg

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3 yr old Stevie’s condition was found by doctors on April 11th and she had a “large mass on her brain.”

Ashley added saying: “I don’t have words,” and “Last night our almost-three-year-old daughter, Stevie was admitted to the hospital due to rapidly declining motor function.”

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, only her or her husband was allowed to be with their daughter. Ashley and her hubby Ben shares two sons Wesley 10, and Sawyer 7, other than their late daughter.

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