Polish priest burns Harry Potter books and no we’re not ok with it!

Father Rafal Jarosiewicz, a member of SMS z Nieba, posted ‘pictures of the burning’ on the foundation’s Facebook page last Sunday. This unusual act at the Catholic parish of Our Lady Mother of the Church in Dnask (a port city in Poland) involved the burning of several items including J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, wooden masks and other religious articles that were considered ‘evil’ by people who owned them.

This utterly ridiculous doing of setting ablaze a much-celebrated children’s novel and spiritual books from other religions wasn’t a good idea, after all. The world is more than furious as this not only spreads a wrong notion about the religious workers around the globe but is also something inappropriate to teach the kids of today.

As the criticism grew further, the foundation took down the post with an apology from the priest himself. “If anyone took my action this way, I would like to apologise so that it does not generate more emotions. I’m very sorry once again”, he had posted.

In an era where medical and scientific advancements are rocketing sky high, it’s disturbing to see happenings like these. It is important to understand that our kids take inspiration from us and their doings rely on what we teach them to be.



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