Picture Imperfect: The story behind 4 alarming pictures from this week

What better way to express a piece of news than visuals? Pictures speak a lot. And again, NO one ever wants to read boring, long-running text anyways. However, sometimes a mere picture is not enough to grab the full context of what is actually happening in that picture.

So, this week we’ve chosen of handful images that are doing the rounds on the Internet, yet the story behind them is incomplete without a few words. In a segment that we call ‘Picture Imperfect’, here are a few snaps that deserve a fitting explanation to what is happening in them.

Exhibit 1

What is actually happening: the Quickest way to carve out abs– well to actually carve out by going under the knife.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro from Jersey shore just underwent plastic surgery to get six pack abs. He said fitness is his ‘priority in life’. No wonder he doesn’t mind getting ‘fit’ through all means. No pain, no gain Ronnie.

Exhibit 2

What is actually happening: Filipina maid punished in Saudi Arabia for leaving the furniture out in the open. A Saudi family tied up their maid to a tree as a punishment. Lovely Acosta Baruto was tied in the open, under the scorching sun to teach a lesson on ill-effects of leaving something out in the open. She is now in the Philippines after officials intervened and condemned the abuse.

Exhibit 3

What is actually happening: Sprinter Infinite Tucker leaps across the finish line in a bid to win the 400m 2019 SEC championship. Having come up second last year, he said that he wanted to clinch the gold badly for his mother who had recently passed away.

Exhibit 4 (NFSW)

What is actually happening: This is the most pleasuring prop for any woman and men around the world are scared about the rising standards set by women. Now men have 10′ corn cobbed dildos to compete with.



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