Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Back Together?

The couple was spotted at Wrigley Field in Chicago where the ex-romantics cheered for the Chicago Cubs

Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan Back Together?
Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan Back Together?

It’s been close to two years since the “Bachelor” fame Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan broke up. However, the internet is surprised to spot the picture of the duo walking holding hands together igniting the rumors of rekindling their romance. The couple was spotted at Wrigley Field in Chicago where the ex-romantics cheered for the Chicago Cubs while they beat the Washington Nationals.

Both Pete and Weber seemed very cordial and close to each other in the photo clicked by a lucky fan who spotted them together,

The couple’s breakup shocked the fans just like the rumor of them getting together took them by surprise. And, the romance brewing back for the couple is making headlines in the entertainment media for now.

Bachelor Finale Witnessed Peter Weber and Madison Prewett Split!

Mar 18, 2020 []

The news came as a shock when Peter Weber stated that he is the reason for parting ways with Madison Prewett and not his mother Barbara Weber. His mother was blamed for the split as she disapproved of them during the finale live.


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He stated that: “For this, no. This is stuff between Madi and me solely, 100 percent,” the reality star, 28, said on Friday, March 13, in a video obtained by TMZ. “People have their opinions, but this is just between the two of us, and it’s just mutual respect and love, and that’s all.”

He also accepted that his mom had no guilt feelings about her behavior and he understood her impulse via her divisive warnings and said: “Could my mom — the delivery been a little different? Sure, but her message was on point,” he noted. “She wants the best for me and just loves me, and I’m very grateful to have a mom like that.”

Though Barbara and Madison owe a sorry for their actions and a source stated that: “I think both of them could’ve handled situations a little bit differently, and listen, no one’s perfect.”

The brewing romance between Peter and Madison started when he had broken his engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss. But the couple officially confirmed their split stating “Madi and I have mutually decided to not pursue our relationship any further,” he wrote via Instagram. “Believe me this was not easy for either of us to be ok with, but after a lot of honest conversations, we have agreed that this is what makes the most sense for the two of us.”

Further, Madison, in turn, stated that: “As Peter and I have decided to go our separate ways, I am confident that we will both move in the direction of our purpose and never forget that God has a plan in all things,” she posted. “I will always love and respect him. I am convinced our paths were meant to cross and we are both better because they did.”

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