Pastor Carl Lentz Who Babtized Justin Bieber Accused of Sexual Abuse!

Former Hillsong NYC staff have come forward with allegations against former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. Leone Kimes, 37, who is now a pastor at Hillsong Boston, revealed shocking allegations against Carl Lentz. Kimes claims that Carl Lentz subjected her to “bullying, abuse of power and sexual abuse” for over seven years while she was working as a nanny in Lentz’s house. Kimes was also forced to work 12-hour-plus for many days.

“I can’t forget how he took away my confidence, I can’t forget how he took away my voice. I can’t forget about the days I laid in bed… believing that I didn’t deserve to be on this earth and entertaining ideas of how to end it all. Unfortunately, I can’t forget any of it.” says Leona Kimes.

Cartz lentz was fired from the church last November for “moral failures” and breach of trust.” Lentz also admitted cheating on his wife. Few days after his dismissal from church, Letz to the Instagram stating “unfaithful to my marriage”

Laura Lentz, wife and legal representative of Lentz, Responding to the kimes’ allegations to the RNS ““vehemently deny the allegations and, in addition to that, have irrefutable proof the events did not happen as they are being described.”

Lentz is famously known for baptizing Justin Bieber in the New York Bathtub of NBA veteran Tyson Chandler. It is also said that in 2004, Justin Bieber spent a month and a half living with Lentz and his family. Brian and Bobbie, the founders of Hillsong Church said they are working to improve the organization after hearing about the allegations of the former pastor.

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