Pakistani Girls Sold to China For Prostitution?

The scandal sent shock waves across the world ever since the news surfaced.

Recently, the Pakistan Government arrested a number of Chinese nationals for marrying Pakistani girls for allegedly using marriage to take them to China and force them into prostitution. The scandal sent shock waves across the world ever since the news surfaced.

Pakistan has a serious human trafficking problem but they refuse to aNct upon it.

In 2019, at least 629 girls have been sold to China under the pretext of ‘fake marriages’ to prospective Chinese grooms with shady intentions. It was only after an anonymous investigation that we came to know the whereabouts of this.

This has been going on since 2018.

An officer of the investigation, who didn’t want to disclose his name said that “No one is doing anything to help these girls. The whole racket is continuing, and it is growing. Why? Because they know they can get away with it.”

Source: Google

Ghastly details of the information include how the girls were forced to take fertility treatments, were subject to sexual abuse and prostitution. AP even reports that there are multiple accounts of organ harvesting from these girls.

In many of the cases, the families of the bride, mostly from the poorest communities are duped into believing that there’s a bright future for their daughters. According to National Post, many of the brides, after traveling to China, find themselves isolated in a region where they require a translation app to ask for a glass of water.

The Pakistan interior and foreign ministries remained tight-lipped on this issue as the media continues the furor and demands answers.

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