Osama Bin Laden’s son possibly dead

U.S. Intelligence officers reported that one of Osama’s son has been killed but provided no further information regarding the whereabouts on how and where.

The former Al-Qaeda leader’s son Hamza bin Laden is the youngest son of Osama and vowed to avenge the US on account of his father’s death. Hamza was viewed as the potential heir to Bin Laden after the latter was gunned down in Abottabad in Pakistan in 2011.

The Intelligence department revealed the news on NBC but as stated before, denied providing further solid details that would help understand the state of the situation.

As to when he was killed, it’s been speculated that he was killed by the time Trump finished his second year as the president. While there was a 1 million bounty on Hamza, it is also possible that he was killed before the reward was in place.

Born in 1989, Hamza wanted to take revenge on the US for taking down Osama in a covert operation. In 2018, he released a series of videos and audio calling for terrorist action on the US.

Deemed the ‘Crown Prince of Terror’, Hamza was trained by Osama when he was young as 15. He rose quickly in ranks and was poised to take over Al-Qaeda. He became popular when on August 14, 2015, he called to arms all his supporters of al Qaeda to wage a “holy war” on Washington, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv. A year later, he released another audio message threatening the US.

Hamza’s death is a milestone for American Intelligence as it continues to fight global terrorism.

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