Now Instagram Wants To Your Birthday To Identify Age!

Earlier it just asked the users to confirm whether they’re over 13 years of age to create an account.

The social media giant, Instagram tweaked a bit of its account creation policies by making it mandatory for users to reveal their date of birth. This official announcement by Instagram on Wednesday created a flutter among its users and some speculations as well.

While many raise doubts that this move could demand users to submit birth proof documents, Instagram said that it will not require users to provide any documentation demonstrating that their birthday is accurate

“It is critical we get this right and figuring out how to do this accurately — without, for example, excluding large numbers of users who may simply be unable to prove their age — is difficult and involves trade-offs,” Stephanie Otway, an Instagram spokesperson, emailed, adding that collecting identity documents is practically impossible for a platform with a billion monthly active users.

“However, it does not replace a requirement to remove accounts that clearly belong to underage users,” Linnette Attai, a privacy consultant and former vice president at Nickelodeon, said in an email.

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