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Notre Dame Cathedral up in flames!

A fire caused devastating damage to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in a catastrophe that sent shockwaves around the world. The cathedral had been a symbol of Catholicism and French Identity for 850 years and attracts millions of visitors every year. Notre Dame cathedral is a survivor of many wars, plagues and the French revolution was taken down by a fire apparently started in a construction area.

The majestic gothic cathedral looked like it had been there forever. And then it wasn’t. A huge piece of Parisian history has been reduced to ashes but the French have vowed to resurrect it.

The Fire ripped through Notre Dame cathedral, bringing down the legendary church’s main spire along with parts of its majestic roof and severely damaging a monument in the heart of the French Nation.

The fire was largely extinguished after burning for about 8 hours. Firefighters fought hard to prevent the bell towers from collapsing and rescue religious relics and priceless artwork.

The cause of the fire has been linked to the recent renovation of the cathedral spire. The finance for the repair and renovation was reported $5.1million, financed by the French state.

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