Not Everyone Is Pleased About Kate Hudson Being The Brand Ambassador Of WeightWatchers

Not everyone is happy about Kate Hudson being the newest brand ambassador of weight watchers. It seems the actress has received a lot of criticisms from her fans and followers who weren’t happy to see her as the face of this brand. She has finally announced she’s now all set to get back into shape.

Some even criticized that the actress’ main intention behind the partnership was to promote her apparel.

Some of the comments were-

“Love Kate Hudson but very hard to be inspired by celebrities who have so much help and resources at their disposal.”

“honestly do not understand this, people who have truly struggled with weight loss need to be in this type of position.”

“don’t you have an athletic clothing line,” from where can I see you do most of the advertising for it. nice publicity stunt. oh, I will lose all the weight then

use all the coverage to help sell the brand. trying to be just like all of the regular people huh. yeah, I don’t buy it.”

Soon we would know how Hudson would keep this up. Is she worthy to be the brand ambassador or the audience criticisms are true? What’s your thought? Comment down below.

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