Moon Jae-in visits North Korean capital
Moon Jae-in visits North Korean capital


North Korea on the road to shutting down missile site

Kim Jong-un has finally agreed to the idea of denuclearization

It looks like Kim Jong-un has finally agreed to the idea of denuclearization. The North Korean leader lent a warm welcome to Moon Jae-in, the only South Korean leader to have visited Pyongyang in nearly a decade. The agenda of the meeting was something that the Koreans have been looking forward to in a long time. The nuclear launching and testing site at Tongchang-ri was finalized to be shut down very soon as a part of the peace treaty between the two countries.

Kim calls it a “leap forward” in the reunion that had always been a distant dream. This also means that he would soon be visiting the Southern counterpart, Seoul, to extend the peace talks. There are also discussions about linking their railways that will bring together the citizens of both the nations who had earlier been separated by the Korean War. Alongside these reunion treaties, there are more probabilities that both the countries might join hands in hosting the Summer Olympics 2032.

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