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No Drugs. No Violence. No Nudity. That’s what the ‘Clean Teen’ is!

Naketha Mattocks, the director of Family Features at Netflix gave the entertainment world a new terminology for Family Movies genre. Apparently, Netflix and Disney are among the streaming sites that puts more effort to categorize the movies that’s suitable for younger audiences.

No drugs. No violence. No Nudity. “We call some of our films ‘clean teen. The ones that feature teens that will speak to younger audiences, as well. They are so clean that tweens can watch them too,” he says

The growth and reach of streaming platforms are very evident ever since big sharks like Netflix, Disney and Amazon joined the game. Especially, the COVID pandemic just highlighted the necessity and significance of the platforms helping its stakes to soar high in the midst of destructive economies.

It is also very important for these platforms to make sure that its content are perfectly categorized to teenage and younger audience which happens to be the major portion of its viewership.

Shawn Robbins, Chief analyst at also said that “It’s harder to compete in the theatrical market that has become so eventized. It’s more incentive for movies to go to other platforms.”

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