Nextflix’s controversial series “Insatiable”: Will there be a season 2?

we wonder what the plot would revolve around

If at all Netflix decides to launch a second installment of the highly-criticized show Insatiable, we wonder what the plot would revolve around. Being a show that has gained severe backlash in the recent times because of the fat-shaming accusation, it’s hard to analyze at this point on whether there’ll be a season 2. The petition to rip it off from the streaming service has nearly reached 231,000 signatures and the reason behind the outrage is very much evident in the first episode itself. Debby Ryan as Patty Bladell makes her presence wearing a fat-suit which she gets rid of in less than a few mins’ time. Well, why is even a protagonist portrayed in such an immature and impractical way?

Though the cast and crew affirm that the show is definitely not about fat shaming in any aspect. We can witness it in several scenes throughout the season. Well, from getting bullied in front of the whole school to winning beauty peagants, the plot itself seems to be a ridiculous one. In spite of all the hatred, the number of viewers hasn’t dropped down a bit and maybe the crew will turn the tide to make it a watchable season 2. But, we’ll have to wait until there is some official news from Netflix.

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