Justin & Hailey
Justin & Hailey
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Newly-weds Justin & Hailey go hunting for the perfect love nest!

Guess he’s slowly getting over Selena’s hospitalization

Ever since Selena was hospitalized, Justin had been feeling low about his ex’s health condition and her breakdown left him in tears. Guess he’s slowly getting over it as he goes hunting for the perfect love nest to move in with wife, Hailey. The couple was spotted checking out mansions on Wednesday (Oct 17). But, here lies the twist!

Among several other residences, they went looking for, there was Demi Lovato’s 5,546 sq.ft Hollywood Hills house in L.A that was put out for sale. While we’re quite taken aback with their decision to move into a place where Demi overdosed, we’re still unsure of what could be the reason behind the visit. The 26-year-old singer is getting the help she needs in a rehab and definitely wouldn’t wanna go back to the place where the doomed incident happened. Well, we gotta wait for a little more while to find where the lovebirds would settle in.

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