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Netflix’s “You”: Everything you need to know about season 2!

Well, if you still haven’t watched the chilling thriller, it’s time you go home, grab a bowl of popcorn and start playing the Netflix Original Series, “You”. Beginning the ten-episode show with a handsome bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, who falls instantly for an aspiring young writer, Beck. Their relationship takes deadly twists as Joe starts stalking his ladylove as a result of psychic obsession.

Released for Christmas, this nail-biting series from the makers of Riverdale has already become a huge hit worldwide within a matter of few days. For those who’ve already watched, with a cliffhanger ending, and Joe still not being convicted for any of his wrongdoings, we cannot deny the fact that we are badly longing for a season 2.

And to our glee, the crew has confirmed that the writing for next season has already begun. For spoilers, Joe apparently moves to L.A, from where the plot is set to take pacey turns. As far as the characters are concerned, of course, not many are alive from the previous season, we might find more of Candace, Joe’s ex, and what really happened between them. With an expected release during the second half of 2019, “You” seems like it’s gonna turn up with many more thrilling seasons.

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