MH370: Was the doomed plane hijacked?

It was an ill-fated day for all the 239 on board when the MH370 that took off from Kuala Lumpur vanished en route to Beijing. The mystery behind the doomed flight still remains a mystery, in spite of the several theories that aviation experts came up with ever since the air carrier lost signal and completely disappeared into air four years back in the year 2014.

Captained by pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the Malaysian Airlines’ file was closed just a few months back before the hijack theory popped up. New findings claim that hijackers could have taken hold of the cockpit and depressurized the plane to suffocate the passengers. Yet, this cannot be completely agreed upon as sending a hijack signal could have been just a click away for the Captain to notify the ground station.

While more and more unproven theories keep popping up, there is little probability that history’s biggest unsolved mystery might ever be disclosed.

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