Messi Bounces Back Once Again!

From a provoking beginning, the Barcelona star had gone through quite a lot of struggles.

From a provoking beginning, the Barcelona star had gone through quite a lot of struggles. Being benched, facing an injury at his foot, a strain at his adductor muscles while playing against Villarreal and the list goes on.

During his injuries, he had replaced Luis Suarez who had enabled the team to grab victories especially a “2-1 against Inter in the Champions League in the middle of the week prior to his 90 minutes over Sevilla.”

Luis continued to score and was leading the team at Nou. But when Arturo and Ousmane had been overruling, it was Messi who came as the savior in a crucial 12-minute match has he just kicked an enthralling shot which hit the post and went past the goalkeeper into the top for a goal.

This was a sensational twist and the Argentine was the only one to secure out of “16 persistent La Liga leagues.” In addition, it was his “100th successful goal offside,” for the Spanish team out of all the competitions and his 37th goal over Sevilla.

His forward moves previously in the match where he walks past five defenders in the blink of the eye are a treat to watch. To sum up it was breathtaking to see him move like a whirlwind finishing with 10 dribbles during the game broke records in the league.

Though it had been a frustrating series of months to be without kicking, it is a sigh of relief that he is back with a bang.

Further, Barcelona’s goalkeeper Marc Andre stated that: “With him, things are always easier.” The 4 out of 4 wins against Sevilla is the huge victory for the team which has pushed them on top of Atletico Madrid leaving them in 2nd place.

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