Melania Trump is Hurt over Michelle Obama Dismissing Her Feelings?

Everyone is aware of the war of the Trumps on Obamas. Now, it has reached a new level as Melania thinks Michelle dissed over her being bullied comments. In a recent interview, Michelle Obama admitted that she couldn’t relate to Melinia’s hyperbolic claims of her being “the most bullied person in the world”. Sources say that Melinia thinks it’s really sad that Mrs. Obama said it isn’t relatable but also believes it was inevitable. The Obamas were always been kind to her but only Donald says she couldn’t trust them and they aren’t their true friends. It was only a matter of time before they showed Melania their True Colours.



The First Lady feels that Obamas received better press and it was much easier for them to run their office. Whatever was done media showed gushing reports and with the Trumps, it’s just the opposite. Well, this all started when Mrs. Obama responded to the interview question. She responded saying that it wasn’t relatable as she used to meet Military Families and spend time on their bases. The families’ sacrifice and hardships of baring loved ones serving and dying putting their lives at risk. She admired them and thought never to complain about anything out loud that is happening to me.


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