Meghan Markle’s Baby will be an American Citizen!

It’s official that the Royal Duchess is pregnant!

Wow! That’s like a bolt from the blue! It’s official that the Royal Duchess is pregnant ending all the rumors that circled the internet about Markle’s pregnancy. And, the proud Duke of Sussex couldn’t be more happy to announce it yesterday.

While the Royal couple’s Australian tour had been the talk of the town, the discussion on whether the future earl or lady will be an American citizen was also taking rounds across the Internet. Since this has a greater significance on International politics, it almost gained the attention around the world.

To start with, the conversation is mainly because of the fact that Ms. Markle is a native-born citizen of the United States. Though she married Prince Harry, it’ll take many years for the duchess to become a complete Britsh citizen. So, according to rules of the United States, the baby to be born will be an American Citizen as well as Britsh Citizen by default.

All it takes is a notice to the American consulate about the birth of the Royal baby. “There’s a form that they fill out, which is called the U.S. consular report of birth abroad, and that then serves as the child’s proof of U.S. citizenship,” she said. “With that, they are also eligible to apply for a passport,” said Doris Meissner, who was commissioner of the former Immigration and Naturalization Service under President Bill Clinton

It is quite a fascination to witness the power of love that brings the worlds closer and cordial. The first family of British welcoming an American baby is just a beginning.

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